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Nov 24 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Experts advise on managing climate change aid
  2. Refugees of Climate Change Rising Steadily
  3. India for extension of Kyoto at Durban
  4. EU urges roadmap this year on climate action
  5. South Africa takes climate change seriously
  6. Retired Republicans Quietly Try to Shift GOP Climate-Change Focus


[Source: UNFCCC, 30th September - 19th November 2011]

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Sep 23 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Ban urges leaders to show greater commitment to agreement on climate change
  2. US warns developing nations on emissions ‘escape hatches’
  3. ‘Involve cities in climate talks’
  4. UNFCCC backs businesses in Caring for Climate
  5. UN urges govt to commit to low carbon economies
  6. Displacement device need of hour: PM
  7. Save planet from climate change fallout
  8. Get moving on climate plans, U.N. says
  9. UN chief wants ‘timely action’ to preserve dryland
  10. Ex-President Clinton tells world leaders in NY that green energy movement needs financing
  11. Developing Countries Designs for the Green Climate Fund
  12. Environment minister expected in Bamako
  13. Failure to protect forests will lead to huge financial losses – UN-backed report
  14. Committee designing UN-backed green climate fund reports good progress
  15. COP 17 key for decision on carbon capture’s inclusion under CDM
  16. EDWARD WEST: Open SA’s energy sector before we miss the boat
  17. Firms ‘acting on climate change’
  18. Durban summit must clarify our role in REDD+, say financiers


[Source: UNFCCC, 13th - 21st September 2011]

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Sep 14 2011

Sustainable Development Headlines From Global Issues

  1. Development: ‘Boomerang Aid Enriches Donors’
  2. Bolivia: Rainforest Road Will Have Environmental and Cultural Impacts
  3. Climate Change: Nepali Women Sow a Secure Future
  4. U.S., Eu Sign Pact To Combat Fishing ‘piracy’ On High Seas
  5. Mexico: Traditional Maize Can Cope with Climate Change
  6. Developing Countries’ Designs For The Green Climate Fund
  7. Environment: Shrimp Farm Certification: Mere Greenwashing?
  8. Cote D’Ivoire: Suspended Exports Dent Scrap Metal Dealers’ Prospects
  9. Q&A: Africa Keen to Ensure Kyoto Protocol Survives
  10. Citizen Actions Turn Up The Heat For A Warming Planet


[Source: Global Issues News Headlines, 6th-13th September, 2011]

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Sep 14 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Abu Dhabi to host UN convention
  2. Pacific shows climate change a reality: UN chief
  3. Ban, Kiribati President caution threat to Pacific islands
  4. In the world’s breadbasket, climate change feeds some worry
  5. Kyoto ban could leave Romania with 537 million unsold AAUs
  6. New proposal aims to put more green shackles on developing economies


[Source: UNFCCC, 5th-6th September, 2011]

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Aug 29 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. UN Report: Population Growth to Cause Water Crunch
  2. Climate talks in Durban a must for Kenya
  3. Business needs stronger voice in global climate negotiations − De Boer
  4. Climate Conversations - ‘Unholy brew’ of climate change threatens security
  5. Obama administration encounters opposition to international climate agenda
  6. CO2 caps not enough to save China CDM: Point Carbon
  7. Carbon Offsets Near Record Low, Worst Performing Commodity
  8. Piloting REDD safeguards principles
  9. UN tool for measuring energy use and emissions may become industry standard
  10. SA should register possible CDM projects before 2012 deadline


[Source: UNFCCC, 26th July - 25th August, 2011]

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Aug 12 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Households, communities benefit in range of ways from projects under CDM
  2. The multiple benefits of energy-efficient lighting
  3. Developments on mitigation at the June session
  4. REDD+ discussion forum to be launched in August
  5. Significant progress on adaptation at the June session
  6. New publications offer new insights on different aspects of adaptation to climate change:

[Source: UNFCCC Newsletter​ no. 26, July 2011]

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Jul 08 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. SA wants Fukushima lessons integrated into nuclear plan, as IEA warns on emissions
  2. Drought in east Africa the result of climate change and conflict
  3. South Africa: Time Pressure Weighs On Climate Change Negotiators
  4. Berlin climate conference collapses
  5. U.S. Airlines Challenge European Emissions Rule
  6. Climate change: Calls for urgency
  7. Merkel: binding, verifiable climate targets needed
  8. SA aiming to raise $100bn for climate change
  9. U.S to help Pacific on climate change issues
  10. Push on to clear COP 17 hazards and set realistic Durban goals
  11. Ministers Voice Concern over European 2050 Emissions Goals
  12. Uganda crafting climate change policy ahead of meet 


[Source: UNFCCC]

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Jun 07 2011

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. UN says climate talks will miss Kyoto deadline
  2. Bonn climate talks: Developing nations question funding commitment
  3. Kyoto Protocol Faces Gap After Emissions Targets End, UN Says
  4. Climate Talks Intensify As Kyoto Nears Expiration
  5. Figueres accepts Kyoto deadline will be missed
  6. Celebrity Endorsement Ignites Australia Carbon Tax Debate
  7. Large cities including Los Angeles meet in Brazil to talk carbon cutting and climate change
  8. Likely demise of Kyoto Protocol undermines carbon tax argument
  9. Masdar Carbon JV registered under Kyoto Protocol
  10. EU carbon emissions ‘plummeted in 2009′
  11. GOP Presidential Candidates May Be Weighed Down by Their Climate Change Pasts
  12. Good forest governance key for climate change schemes

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Mar 23 2010

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. EU environment ministers look back at Copenhagen
  2. China, Not UN, Controls Carbon Offsets, Stanford Says
  3. EU backs UN climate report despite scepticism
  4. Britain’s Miliband Visits China Amid Rancor
  5. Energy secretary: ‘U.S. lagging in clean-tech race’
  6. India needs to find right model for managing climate change
  7. Help poor countries cope with climate change
  8. India proposes coal tax to pay for clean energy push
  9. China envoy says deep divides threaten climate talks
  10. Kerry insists US to move on climate
  11. Climate politics hots up
  12. Two resignations, many fallouts in climate geopolitics
  13. U.K. Lawmakers Call for Intervention in Carbon Market

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Feb 10 2010

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. Malta limits EU action on climate change
  2. Canada files emissions target with UN
  3. Hot air in rich nations’ pledge
  4. India sends emission cut plan to UN, leaves out farm sector
  5. States renew vows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  6. Poor response to climate deadline
  7. BASIC Group countries underscore support to Copenhagen Accord on climate change
  8. China, India, Brazil, S Africa Agree To Disclose Mitigation Actions
  9. Act fast before it is too late, leaders warn at Energy Summit
  10. India shouldn’t be in haste to submit climate targets: Experts
  11. EU pushes for deeper carbon emissions cuts

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