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Oct 25 2011

Journal of Northeast Asian History

Journal of Northeast Asian History(JNAH) is a semiannual academic journal published by the Northeast Asian History Foundation. JNAH is an interdisciplinary social sciences/ history journal covering the economic, political, social, and cultural aspects of the historical issues of Northeast Asia. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: China’s Northeast Project, “comfort women,” Dokdo, Mount Baekdu, naming of the East Sea, textbook issue, and Yasukuni Shrine. The geographical scope of the journal includes Korea, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Tibet, Russia’s Maritime Province, Central Asia, and the surrounding areas.

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Aug 23 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. The Future is Now
  2. Think Again: War
  3. The South China Sea Is the Future of Conflict
  4. The Shape of the Global Economy Will Fundamentally Change
  5. Huge in Asia
  6. Epiphanies from Bob Woodward
  7. The FP Survey: The Internet
  8. Megatrends That Weren’t


[Source: Foreign Policy, Sept/Oct 2011]

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Jul 26 2011

Latest articles published in Foreign Policy

  1. In Defense of Hacks
  2. The Prince of Persia
  3. Worst. Congress. Ever.
  4. Parliamentary Funk
  5. Hunger in the Horn of Africa
  6. Europe’s Economic Meltdown: How Did We Get Here?


[Source: Foreign Policy]

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Apr 28 2011

Time to Rethink Japan’s Energy Future

Time to Rethink Japan’s Energy Future

Contributing organization(s): Earth Policy Institute. Nearly four weeks after a 9.0-magnitute earthquake and tsunami devastated northeastern Japan, emergency personnel are still struggling to stabilize the disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Beyond the immediate need to minimize further radioactive leakage and protect public health, the government is beginning to reconsider its long-term plans for nuclear power expansion. International media coverage has typically assumed that Japan…

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Mar 28 2011

AccessMedicine Resources for Radiation Exposure and Emergency Situations

AccessMedicine has a special issue on radiation exposure and emergency situations for our users in light of the recent events in Japan.


Related sections from Bioterriorism Sourcebook:-


View other contents of Bioterriorism Sourcebook here


View contents of Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide here


View Radiation section in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 17e.



Other highlights from AccessMedicine include:-



AccessMedicine is a repository of medical knowledge from internal medicine, cardiology, genetics, pharmacy, diagnosis and management, basic sciences, patient care, and more. Continuously expanding. The two libraries, namely clinical library and Lange educational library contain the latest editions of selected medical titles.

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Feb 11 2011

New Publications from IGCC Janaury 2011

  1. IGCC Year in Review 2010
  2. Japan and the Two Koreas: The Foreign Policy Power of Domestic Politics

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Jan 13 2010

Sustainable Development Headlines From Global Issues

  1. Agriculture: Three-Quarters of Hungry Are Rural Poor
  2. Economy-Jordan: Dubai Crisis Casts Shadows On 2010
  3. Development: Japan’s Rude Awakening: Poverty Hurts
  4. Chile: Eliminating Slums
  5. Rights-India: Molestation Case Revives Calls for Police Reforms
  6. Development-Fiji: Amid Economic Slump, Children Face Bleak Future
  7. Environment-India: Creeping Deserts and Crouching Hunger
  8. Kenya: Mapping Africa’s Largest Slum

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Nov 17 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. U.N. Official Says Climate Deal Could Be Put Off
  2. UN chief encourages world leaders to accept invitation to climate summit
  3. Denmark invites 191 leaders to U.N. climate talks
  4. U.S. weighs backing interim international climate agreement
  5. New Zealand confident of carbon pact by Copenhagen
  6. Climate finance hits snag before key UN summit
  7. ASEAN chief hopes Asia as agent of change for climate
  8. Japan urges China to make ‘international commitment’ to cut emissions
  9. Copenhagen climate change deal could be two separate treaties
  10. Climate-Agreement Deadline May Slip to End of 2010
  11. Developing countries, int’l organizations call to save Kyoto Protocol
  12. China Rejects US Pressure to Agree to Carbon Emissions Cuts
  13. Money and science key to climate success: China
  14. Gore Says Obama Likely to Attend Copenhagen Climate Summit
  15. Delaying UN climate deal makes no sense: Denmark
  16. ANALYSIS - China steps up climate diplomacy as Copenhagen looms
  17. US, China huddle for high-level trade talks
  18. Copenhagen must produce a political agreement: Ban
  19. India and China ink climate pact, as Copenhagen speculation rumbles on
  20. Hu, Obama hold telephone discussions
  21. Where will India draw the line at Copenhagen climate summit?
  22. INTERVIEW-Poor nations fear empty climate deal at Copenhagen
  23. US must help poor nations deal with climate change: experts

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Sep 25 2009

Climate Change Headlines from UNFCCC

  1. China vows climate change action
  2. Japan’s new climate initiative raises hopes
  3. UN climate chief says China poised to take lead
  4. U.N. seeks momentum in climate talks as Obama, Hu speak
  5. Small island nations urge rich to limit warming
  6. Population growth driving climate change, poverty: experts
  7. Norway to consider increasing 2020 CO2 cuts
  8. Obama Administration Pushes Climate Talks Into 2010
  9. U.S. climate bill could cut GDP 3.5 percent by 2050
  10. Britain At Risk Of Massive Tsunami If Global Warming Not Curtailed
  11. EU urges G20 to hand billions to poor nations for climate fight
  12. ANALYSIS-Poor nations CO2 curbs strengthen hand in UN talks
  13. West Africa group adopts common position on climate change
  14. Copenhagen begins in Beijing. The world waits

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Aug 03 2009

Environmental Issues From Global Issues

  1. Colombia: Gold vs Preservation in the Central Mountains
  2. G8: It Will Be a Tale of Two Summits
  3. Environment-Laos: Rubber Plantations Spawn Social Strife
  4. Trade: Who’s Harming Fish Stocks? Trawlers or Artisanal Fishers?
  5. Environment: Japan to Take Leadership Role Toward Copenhagen
  6. India: Opposition to ‘Nuclearism’ Builds Up
  7. South America: Anti-Nuclear Activists to Form Common Front

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