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Jul 23 2014

New Acquisitions Hightlights

Published by Dental Library under Dentistry

Studies on periodontal disease/ Daisuke Ekuni, Maurizio Battino, Takaaki Tomofuji, Edward E. Putnins, editors.

D 617.664 S93

The chapters of Studies on Periodontal Disease comprise four parts. Part 1 provides basic sciences from the general to the particular. The findings of cell culture and animal models supply the mechanism between periodontal disease and oxidative stress. In part 2, human clinical studies are mainly addressed. The effects of periodontal therapy on circulating oxidative stress are also discussed. The relationships between periodontal disease and systemic diseases are examined in part 3. The involvement of oxidative stress and inflammation are discussed through in vivo and in vitro study results. Part 4 discusses future strategies, including the effects of antioxidants and nutrition on periodontal disease.


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Jul 15 2014


Published by Dental Library under Dentistry

1 – 15 July 2014



1.   植牙治療可靠嗎 [信報財經新聞] 2014-07-10 C04 健康生活 有齒人生 邵致勉牙科醫

2.   一個照顧你全家口腔健康的專科  [am730] 2014-07-02 A32 健康 醫理 廖志

3.   懷孕牙患高危期 ?!  [香港經濟日報] 2014-07-01 C08 醫健營 醫健營 何寶


[Source: Wisenews]

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Jul 14 2014

Hong Kong Dental Association May & Jun 2014 issue available now

Published by Dental Library under Dentistry


1.Oral Health Development in Hong Kong by Permanent Secretary for Health, Mr. Richard Yuen, JP.

2.Monthly Scientific Meeting Corner - “Solution to treat sudden cardiac arrest – CPR & AED” by Mr. Raymond Fung.

3.Monthly Scientific Meeting Corner - “An update of the advances in oral and maxillofacial surgery” by Dr. Mike YY Leung.

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Jul 11 2014

CNKI Beijing site scheduled maintenance 12 July 0-6 A.M.

Due to system maintenance, the download function on the CNKI Beijing site will be suspended during 0-6 AM on 12th July, Saturday. Readers can still search and access the abstracts but they will not be able to download any full-text during that period.

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Jul 09 2014

New Acquisitions Hightlights

Published by Dental Library under Dentistry

Aesthetic edge illumination: color & ceramics in dentistry / Jim Emmons.

D 617.627 E54

Shading and color communication have not changed in dentistry for over a hundred years, 21st century dental ceramics requires a fresh look at the science & technology we use to achieve restorations of aesthetic excellence. We have developed an understanding and technology applications that now utilizes living tissue illumination in dental ceramics .We present a knowledge of color & illumination application Vs reflection of color in teeth. The technology presented applies to all brands & types of dental ceramics.


Textbook of oral and maxillofacial surgery / S. M. Balaji ; foreword by Daniel M Laskin.

D 617.672 B17


In the second edition of the book a detailed and authoritative exposition of basic principles of oral and maxillofacial surgery is presented in altogether 50 chapters under 12 sections. From basic oral surgical procedures encountered by general practitioner to advance and complex surgical procedures that need to be referred to an oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist, all are covered in sufficient detail with a judicious mix of text and illustrations including clinical photos, radiographs, CT and CBCTs.

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Jul 02 2014


Published by Dental Library under Dentistry

16 – 30 June 2014


1. 揩齒散 [香港商報] 2014-06-30 T07 養生之道 國藥寶

2. 什麼是杜牙根 [信報財經新聞] 2014-06-26 C02 健康生活 有齒人生 羅若望牙科醫

3. 牙蟲開派對! [星島日報] 2014-06-26 E01 今日館 館長有SAY

4. 箍牙不需太早 宜等恆齒長齊 9-13 [明報] 2014-06-25 G07 Happy PaMa 育兒百科 Happy Pa ma

5. 菲臘牙科醫院提高矯齒收費 [成報] 2014-06-24 A09

6. 政府擬擴闊長者牙科資助 [太陽報] 2014-06-24 A14

7. 剝牙染食肉菌 美青年暴斃 [東方日報] 2014-06-23 A30

8. 牙齒矯正知多一點點 笑多一點點 [成報] 2014-06-23 C12 健康寶庫

9. 除口腔蒜味 蘋果最有效 [東方日報] 2014-06-22 A33 國際

10. 引致牙患影響儀容 牙齒不齊或影響前途 [am730] 2014-06-20 A48 健康 牙

11. 七成基層忽略口腔健康 社企倡關愛基金資助 [新報] 2014-06-20 A09 港聞

12. 牙齒不齊 8成人不願大笑 [香港經濟日報] 2014-06-20 A38 港聞

13. 牙周病攻血管 易招心臟病 [東方日報] 2014-06-19 A10 港聞

14. 新法補齒毋須鑽牙 [東方日報] 2014-06-18 A32 國際

15. 認識正顎()手術 [am730] 2014-06-18 A32 健康 醫理 張念光

16. 電流無痛補牙 助蛀牙再生 [文匯報] 2014-06-17 A22國際新

17. 從耳鼻喉角度看口氣成因 [信報財經新聞] 2014-06-16 C02健康生活 耳鼻喉專科 蘇明順醫生

[Source: Wisenews]

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Jun 25 2014

New Acquisitions Hightlights

Published by Dental Library under Dentistry

Clinician’s guide to the diagnosis and management of tooth sensitivity / Sahar Taha, Brian H. Clarkson, editors.

D 617.6634 C64

Tooth sensitivity, or dentin hypersensitivity, has a high prevalence among the general population and is a very common cause of visits to the dentist. This concise, easy-to-read guide provides the clinician with the most important information required for the correct diagnosis and effective management of dentin hypersensitivity. After discussion of theories regarding the underlying mechanisms, predisposing medical and dental conditions are reviewed. The route to an accurate diagnosis, based on determination of the precise cause, is then explained. A range of potential treatment approaches and their applications are discussed, including dentin blocking agents, nerve desensitization, restorative approaches and periodontal surgery. Preventive, at-home and in-office treatment modalities are all described and future treatments are also considered. Helpful flowcharts are included that will facilitate decision making.


Ear, nose and throat, and head and neck surgery: an illustrated colour text / Ram S. Dhillon, Charles A. East.

D 617.51059 D53


A textbook in the Illustrated Colour Text series on ENT, aimed at medical students and junior doctors.

·  Concise presentation of ENT in the attractive ICT format - clear line diagrams, colour photos of clinical conditions, summary boxes etc.

·  Covers a topic which is important in primary care - medical students and junior doctors are motivated to buy a book in this area.

·  Basic anatomy and physiology is reviewed - useful revision for students in clinical years.

·  Comprehensive coverage of both presenting symptoms and specific diseases, with more detail on the commoner conditions.

·  Clear description of examination and investigation techniques.


Oral health survey 2011 / produced and published by Department of Health, Hong Kong.

D 617.601 O63 h11


The Department of Health conducted the second territory-wide Oral Health Survey in 2011, 10 years after the first survey in 2001, to monitor the oral health conditions as well as the oral health behaviours of the community.

Similar to the survey 10 years earlier, the Oral Health Survey 2011 was conducted in line with the survey methodology of the World Health Organization, and four key index ages and age groups were selected, i.e. 5, 12, 35 to 44, and 65 and above. Functionally dependent older persons requiring additional support in their daily activities, i.e. users aged 65 and above of the Social Welfare Department long-term care (LTC) services, were also included. In this survey, nearly 8000 people were evaluated through clinical examinations and specially designed questionnaires.

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Jun 25 2014

BioOne Website Scheduled Maintenance June 28, 2014

BioOne website will be undergoing maintenance starting June 28, 2014. Scheduled downtime will begin at 9:30 a.m. and may last up to 4 hours. During this time content and services on bioone.org will be unavailable.

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Jun 24 2014

Taylor & Francis Online unavailable Saturday 28th June 9:30-11:30

Taylor & Francis Online will be unavailable during Saturday 28th June 09:30-11:30 due to scheduled database maintenance by their partner, Atypon.

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Jun 18 2014

New Acquisitions Hightlights

Published by Dental Library under Dentistry

Medical terminology : a living language / Bonnie F. Fremgen, Suzanne S. Frucht.

D 610.14 F86 

Using a consistent, logical, and step-by-step approach, MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY: A LIVING LANGUAGE, 5/e introduces students to the anatomy and physiology of body systems and the corresponding medical terms related to them. For each body system, broad coverage of anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, and pharmacology is provided. The author emphasizes both terms built from Latin and Greek word parts, and modern English terms, helping students develop a full working word part vocabulary they can use to interpret any new term. This edition contains many new terms, and has been reorganized for more efficient learning.


Bell’s oral and facial pain / Jeffrey P. Okeson.

D 617.667 O41

Pain, especially chronic pain, is a major health care problem, a fact that has precipitated a recent dramatic expansion in pain-related research efforts. This revised edition of Dr Welden Bell’s classic text has been updated to incorporate the latest findings from these studies, including advanced understanding of the neurophysiology and central processing of pain and the resulting changes to diagnostic, classification, and treatment guidelines.


How to deliver a TED talk : secrets of the world’s most inspiring presentations / Jeremey Donovan.

D 658.452 D68

 How to Deliver a TED Talk provides more than 100 invaluable tips–everything from opening with an explicit statement of audience benefits to framing your idea as an action-outcome response to a question worth asking. Whether you’re presenting to an audience of 1 or 1,000, this book is an indispensable resource for any public speaker.

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